Go Nuclear With Atomic Jackpot Slots

One of the great things about the new types of classic slots is that you have the same simple and iconic game, but you have a lot more options in designs, themes and features on the slot. This is certainly true with Atomic Jackpot Slots by WGS, which offers a nuclear reactor theme that is very well done, making this a classic slot you will want to try today.

This is a non-progressive slot, but it offers a great winning jackpot. Additionally, it also features autoplay, making your life even easier the next time you are online. If you feel up to a little experimentation, this is certainly the slot you need to put on your list to play.

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The Game

A three reel, one payline slot, Atomic Jackpot Slots is very easy to wager on and play. You will choose the coin size, from a penny to ten dollars, and then choose a number of coins to play. As there is only one payline this means a wagering range of just a penny to up to fifty dollars, making it a great game for a more conservative player or someone who likes to win big.

There is also the option to use the autoplay feature. This allows you to set the number of spins you want to play at the current bet. You can interrupt this by simply pressing the autoplay button again. To manually spin, simply click on the spin button on the bottom of the reels.

This game also offers a stop spin button. This is a fun extra feature to allow you to stop the reels before the natural stop, possibly creating a winning payline combination.

Symbols of Science

As you may expect, with Atomic Jackpot Slots science is the main theme on the reels. There are only a few icons, but they are very well done, definitely adding to the theme. You will see the revolving atoms, the slightly eccentric scientist and the beakers full of some mad concoction.

The symbol to watch for on the reels is the beaker with the circling atoms. Your winnings will depend on how many coins you play, with three across the payline providing the maximum at 2500. However, even just one of these icons anywhere on the screen will pay out the amount corresponding to your wager.

While Atomic Jackpot Slots is simple in play and wagering, it has a lot of potential as a slot. With great designs and attention to detail, this is a classic slot in every sense of the word.

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