Fruit Slots Slots

Fruit Slots gives away its theme from the moment you get started. In fact, the title alone is a giveaway, of course. However, if you are keen on these games, we think you will find plenty to appreciate in the Fruit Slots game from WGS.

Players who love the real one-armed bandits might want to give this one a shot. Even if you’re a fan of bigger, more complex games, we think this provides a refreshing change.

Reels and lines in play

Back to basics – does that mean three reels are in store for us here? It does. That doesn’t leave room for many paylines, which could be why they’ve provided us with just one.

Coin selections

WGS titles often have identical coin values to choose from. If you like betting anywhere between one cent and $10 per line, this is the game for you. There is another option too, though – to bet one, two, or three coins on that line.

Fruit Slots icons to watch for

Fancy some cherries? They crop up in this game, offering a prize whenever one or more appear. That is the easiest prize to win, but there is more to look out for too. For example, a couple of fruit and some leaves to complete the image can win prizes whenever two appear on the line.

Meanwhile, there is a jackpot to be won, of course. You can secure this if you spot three cherries taking up all the positions on the payline. The amount won varies hugely depending on the coins you placed for that bet. One coin would bring you 250 coins, for example, with double that coming for a two-coin bet. However, if you wagered three coins on the line, the jackpot is increased to an impressive 2,500 coins.

There are no wilds or scatters involved in the game, with no bonus symbols showing up either.

Bonus elements

This is about as basic as a slot game can get. Hence why you won’t be shocked to learn there are no bonuses here.

Download Fruit Slots and enjoy playing this slot now

Fruit Slots is a pleasant-enough game to play if you want something simple, easy to understand, and quick to play. It’s the ideal five-minute slot to try out if time (or budget) is short. Why not give it a shot now?