Go For Gold Slots

Going for gold makes us think of the great efforts various athletes put in to try and come first in their respective events – in the Olympics, perhaps. That is indeed the theme in action in Go for Gold slots game from WGS, so you get an idea of what to expect before you get underway. Can you guess which icons might appear as you start spinning the reels?

Reels and lines in play

If you were thinking about lots of reels and lines with this one, think again. We’ve got three reels offering just one line to bet on here.

Coin selections

While plenty of three-reel games start life as penny slots, this is not one of them. If you want to play Go for Gold, you’ll need to wager at least 10 cents on each spin. The highest coin value is ten dollars, while there is a chance to wager one, two, or three of your selected coins on the payline too.

Go for Gold icons to watch for

The logo for the game can also appear on the reels during play. This behaves as a substitute symbol, replacing other symbols to try and create winning combinations. This brings with it an additional perk, too. If one wild helps you win something, your usual prize is doubled in value. Find two wilds in a winning line and the prize receives a 4x multiplier instead. Cool!

Bonus elements

Would you be surprised if we revealed Go for Gold did have a bonus? Well, it does, although you will only get an opportunity to unlock it if you play three coins per spin. Make sure your budget will stand that if you want to do it.

The fire that lights the Olympic torch is used as the bonus trigger. If it shows up on the payline – just once – nine coins will be displayed in front of you. Select one to reveal the prize it is associated with. Now, you can either take that prize or pick another coin. Up to four trades can be made, but if you reject a coin it cannot be chosen again. Choose wisely!

Download Go for Gold and enjoy playing this slot now

Go for Gold and enjoy an Olympic-themed slot that is both compact and enjoyable. Will this be your perfect sporting slot to play – and one that could be lucky as well?