Harbour Master Slots

Harbour Master Slots
The game might be named after the person who looks after the harbor, but you won’t meet the master when you load the game ready to play. The imagery shown here is unusual compared with many slots, as it offers you the chance to see a photo of yachts bobbing around in a marina. How many slots can you think of that resort to photos rather than cartoons or something imaginary?

There is a sense of Britishness about Harbour Master slot, as you’ll see from the spelling of the name. But will you enjoy the game itself?

Reels and lines in play

This is a small game, offering three reels to spin and only a single line to place some bets on.

Coin selections

There is some versatility involved here, with up to five coins playable on the line. Those coins could be worth as little as a penny or far more, at $10 each.

Harbour Master icons to watch for

A clock ticks away the time when it appears on the reels here. Perhaps until the harbor master returns? This is a wild symbol and only one is required to secure a prize for you. We would advise you to check the paytable to see how much could be won depending on the coins wagered per spin.

Another important symbol to look for is the compass. This is a jackpot icon, delivering up to 1,500 coins if you complete the payline with compasses. However, do remember you will win the amount relating to the number of coins wagered – as per the paytable.

Bonus elements

Three-reel slots often dispense with bonuses. It is the same here, too. Harbour Master is merely a nice relaxing slot to play with nothing too complex to get your head around.

Download Harbour Master and enjoy playing this slot now

The game is based on a nautical theme that permeates through most areas. If that’s your thing, and you enjoy simpler games, Harbour Master is an ideal one to play. You’ll find yourself wishing you owned one of those yachts though, so watch out for that. With lots of appealing visual elements involved in this one, it is certainly one of the more laid-back titles in the WGS collection. If you haven’t taken it for a spin yet, we recommend you check it out today to see what you think of it.