Mermaid's Quest Slots

Surely, you’d need to be a mermaid to go on this quest. Well, technically yes, but since this is a slot game, anything goes. Mermaid’s Quest delivers a lovely experience that starts with a quick-loading game and some impressive graphics. The appearance isn’t the most important part of a game, but it sure helps, don’t you think?

How many reels and paylines are used in Mermaid’s Quest?

Even though you have five reels in action, you only get nine lines to place bets on.

What could you bet on this slot game?

If you like spinning reels at one cent per line, you’re in luck. You’re also in luck if you enjoy placing bigger bets on every line, such as the $10 max included here.

Does Mermaid’s Quest have any special symbols?

The wild treasure chest is a good icon to search for, for obvious reasons. It replaces other symbols, therefore making it easier to locate prizes in the deep. There are two icons the wild won’t replace, though, and these are the scattered king and the mermaid.

Is there a bonus feature?

You must find three scattered kings to enjoy playing 10 free games in Mermaid’s Quest. But does the mermaid trigger anything? Yes, she does, but she must appear three times on one single payline to unlock her bonus. This is where you go on the quest mentioned in the title. The mermaid will lead you to three locations in her world. When you arrive in each place, you are met with the sight of three treasure chests. As you may guess, one must be chosen in each place. After every choice, you progress to the next destination. Finally, after choosing the third one, you will be treated to news of the total prize you have won from the three treasure chests you picked. What will the contents of your treasure chests be? The good thing is you do get to pick three, so you never know what your reward could be.

Download and play the Mermaid’s Quest slot now!

With a jackpot of 10,000 coins and a chance to win further prizes in the Mermaid’s Quest bonus feature, this game does know how to deliver the good. Dive into the deep now and check it out. You may find, as we did, that this is everything you need from a good slot game.