Royal Carribean Slots

Royal Caribbean makes us think about a luxurious cruise ship sailing around the Caribbean. Maybe you thought the same when you saw the title of the slot we are about to review here. However, that’s not the case. We are heading back in time for this slot – and it has a royal connection to boast as well. Are you ready for the journey you are about to take?

Reels and lines in play

Three reels are in store for you here, and that means you will have only one line to bet on.

Coin selections

Since the game was created by WGS, you can expect their most popular selection of coins to appear here. This goes from one cent to $10 at opposite ends of the scale. There is also an option to play more than one coin on the line per spin – with three playable at most.

Royal Caribbean icons to watch for

Jesters were popular entertainment for royalty in years gone by. There is one in this game too, appearing as a winning icon on its own. It can appear in any position and win a small prize. Better yet, you can try and find the jester in all three positions on the payline. If you manage that, you will get the jackpot for the number of coins you played. You should expect 400 coins for a single-coin bet, with 1,000 coins paid out for two coins played. Three coins of any value would get you an impressive win worth 1,600 coins.

Bonus elements

This is a basic game, albeit with an unusual theme you don’t see too often in slot games. However, it does not extend to offering you a bonus feature to play. There is no wild here either, so you must rely on getting matching symbols on their own to get a win or two as you play.

Download Royal Caribbean and enjoy playing this slot now

Royal Caribbean is a great little slot to play if you fancy a three-reel game with a difference. The theme is what makes this stand out from the rest. No fruit are in sight here!

Our recommendation if you wish to play is to choose a low-value coin and to play three on the line whenever you are ready to play for real. Do that, and you open the chance to win the biggest prize.