Wheel of Chance 3 reel Slots

The Wheel of Chance… it sounds like just the thing you’d want to take for a spin if you were going in search of prizes, doesn’t it? That’s just the case when you try this game from WGS Technology, because you can see the hint of a Wheel of Chance behind the reels, here. Let’s see what else might be waiting for you when you try it for size.

How many reels and paylines are used in Wheel of Chance 3-reel slots?

The number of reels is given away in the title, so we know what lies in wait there. You won’t be stunned to see only one win line, either.

What could you bet on this slot game?

The once-cent minimum line bet is given as the default when the game loads, so you can see this is a penny slot opportunity if you like those. Meanwhile, the ‘bet one’ button lets you click through from one to three coins on that line. Finally, you can use the right-hand arrow to the side of the coin value to go through numerous other coins to reach the $10 top-dollar bet per coin.

Does the Wheel of Chance 3-reel slot have any special symbols?

The paytable reveals assorted prizes for one, two and three-coin bets. It also reveals the diamond is a wild symbol. One of these would double a win if it helped you get a prize, and two plus something else to trigger a prize would add a 4x multiplier.

Is there a bonus feature?

Would you be stunned if we said yes? That’s the answer, although you may not be stunned to learn the bonus icon is the Wheel of Chance itself. You must play three coins to activate a chance to win through to the second-screen bonus, and if you do reach it, you can spin the Wheel of Chance itself. Just spin that wheel to reveal a prize of between x5 and 1,000x the bet you placed to reach the round. You can refuse the first prize to spin again, but your prize will be blanked out if you do, and landing on that would return you to the main game without a prize, so be careful…

Download and play Wheel of Chance 3-reel slots now!

The Wheel of Chance 3-reel game is a good one for a basic slot. Have you tried it yet?