Visit The Admiral's Inn Slots Today

If you enjoy a nautical theme that is very old school in the art and graphics on the screen, then you have to play Admiral's Inn Slots the next time you are online. This is another of the three reel, one payline slots offered by WGS, and it is intended to be very much a classic slot game.

Unlike some of the new video slots that can be complicated and even distracting to play, this classic slot is very minimalistic in design on both the reels and the on the background of the slot game itself. A refreshing change, it is nevertheless a great game to play as a change from the graphics and sound overload of so many of the slots today.

Wagering and Play

Everything you need to play Admiral's Inn Slots is right on the screen page. You will see the coin bet buttons on the left, and you can choose between a penny to up to ten dollars per coin. You can then choose up to 3 coins to play on the one payline, so your wagering range goes from a modest penny to up to thirty dollars per spin.

There is also an autoplay feature that allows you to pre-set for so many spins at the wager amount, or you can hit the spin button each time. As with other WGS classic slots it also offers the stop spin button on the far right, which you can hit to stop the reels at any point in the spin.

Nautical Symbols

Unlike some of the classic slots, you won't find a shortage of different symbols on the reels. The anchor pays out if you see just one anywhere, but all other symbols have to be in threes across the payline to pay out.

You will find the journal, barrels, the moon and stars, the nautical compass, sharks and ship wheels across the reels. Additionally, the three anchors are the highest winning combination, and each pays out based on the number of coins played from one to three. You will also see the single and double bars, which are the only symbols out of theme.

One of the interesting features of the Admiral's Inn Slots is that the reels are white, and all of the symbols except the bars have a hand-drawn look in red ink. This creates a unique look when the reels are spinning, really adding to the theme of the game.