Blue Lagoon Slots

Ahh… a blue lagoon sounds like a relaxing place to be, doesn’t it? That would probably be the case if you were at one while on your travels, but you don’t need to leave your computer to see this one. That’s because the Blue Lagoon we are referring to here is the name of a slot game, so let us explore to see what we can find here.

Reels and paylines

This game is a basic one, which means it has just three reels and only one line to place a bet on every time you spin.

Coin values to play with

You will often encounter slot games that permit the use of three coins per spin when there is just one payline to play on. This one goes a couple steps further, allowing you to wager up to five coins. The more you wager, the higher the potential prizes will be when you win something.

You also get a nice large array of coins to make your choice from. These are worth between a cent and ten dollars apiece.

Special icons used in Blue Lagoon slots

This is a strange game in one sense, and that is what we are going to talk about now. There are starfish and seahorses to see as you spin the reels, but they won’t pay out prizes. In fact, there is only one symbol that will pay you anything. This is the shell. So, when you spin the reels, you will be looking for that shell and ignoring everything else. It is an unusual twist, and one you will either love or hate!

So, you can win a prize for finding one shell in place. You then get a prize depending on how many coins you wagered for that spin. The best outcome is to find a shell in every position on the payline. If this happens, you will get between 500 and 2,500 coins for the win – again, it will depend on the coins you placed on the line first.

Are there bonus features to be found?

In a word… no. There is nothing else to find here other than those prize-winning shells.

Get ready to download and enjoy the Blue Lagoon slot today

So, if you like basic slots, the Blue Lagoon might be a place you would want to be. We can’t imagine you will want to play for ages, but it can be a good way to pass the time.