Coral Reef Slots

Heading under the surface of the sea or ocean is a common experience in slots. We’ve got another similar game here from WGS – the Coral Reef slot whose title gives away just a hint of the theme, don’t you think?

This is far from a huge game, but it does give us an impressive color scheme to appreciate. Could it end up becoming a favorite for you? Let’s find out more about it first.

Reels and lines in play

Coral Reef provides just three reels and a single line to place your bets on. That’s not quite all it holds in store though, as you’ll soon see.

Coin selections

Coins are available from one cent each up to ten dollars each. As is common with three-reel games, there is a chance to wager more than one coin on the line. Up to four could be played here.

Coral Reef icons to watch for

No wilds or scatters will be found swimming onto the reels of this game. Watch out for the octopus though, an inhabitant of this reef. This is a jackpot icon, with three required to trigger that prize. You could win 500 coins with these if you placed a one-coin bet on the line. However, four coins would return the best prize, worth 2,000 coins in this instance.

Unusually, the paytable also reveals how you could win other prizes that do not appear on the payline itself. It is an odd feature, but a nice way to be in with a chance to win further prizes even if your luck doesn’t pan out on the payline. You don’t need to wager anything else to get this opportunity either, which is nice.

Bonus elements

As you might expect, this three-reel slot doesn’t include bonus features of any type. Unless, of course, you consider the additional prize-winning chances mentioned above as a bonus.

Download Coral Reef and enjoy playing this slot now

This is an appealing game that offers an unusual mix of prize-winning chances. Maybe you don’t usually play three-reel games and you’re wondering if this one is worth a shot. Perhaps you are wondering whether you could grab some of those other combinations that could lead to prizes away from the single line in action. Either way, give Coral Reef a try to see if it is as good as we think it is.