Luxury Liners Slots

With luxury liners mentioned in the title, it would be strange indeed if we didn’t see any of them in the game itself. Luxury Liners comes to us from WGS, a reliable provider of all kinds of slot games. This is a smaller one, offering a theme we don’t think we have seen before. Question is, does it meet your expectations?

Reels and lines in play

We said it was a small game to play, so you might guess there are only three reels involved here. While some such games have several paylines to bet on, this one keeps things small with only one of them in action.

Coin selections

A 10-cent coin is the smallest amount you could wager on a spin of this game. You could go higher if you wish, reaching $10 at most. Furthermore, up to three coins can be played per spin.

Luxury Liners icons to watch for

Firstly, we should reveal the absence of a wild icon in this game. That means you must rely on the icons themselves to drop into the right positions to get some wins for you.

While the cruising theme is seen in the appearance of a cruise ship on the reels, you might also see the most famous slot game symbol of them all – the cherries. Find this in just one position on the payline and the relevant prize will come your way.

The cruise liner has a more important role to play. If three should sail into view on the payline in one spin, the jackpot will be triggered. The jackpot amount depends on the quantity of coins wagered when the combination was hit. However, the maximum would be 2,500 coins.

Bonus elements

You might have guessed this game does away with the idea of bonuses. It gives you a basic yet familiar format you will have seen in other three-reel slots already.

Download Luxury Liners and enjoy playing this slot now

Luxury Liners is yet another example of how good WGS is at developing basic slots with themes that are miles away from the fruity slots we are used to. While we do see some cherries here, the onus is on the seas and cruising. It’s a nice relaxing theme, for sure, and makes this slot worth a closer look if you want something easy to play.