Marvelous Marlins Slots

Fish are hardly strangers to online slots. Some games feature plenty of fish, but in this case, it is the marlins that take center stage. So far, so good, but while this slot might look quite basic at first glance, it turns out it is anything but that.

Are you ready for a fishy surprise or two to swim your way? Check out our review of the Marvelous Marlins slot now to learn more.

Reels and lines in play

The basic nature of this slot reveals there are only three reels on offer here. It does use a 3 x 3 format though. That said, you still only get a single payline to bet on.

Coin selections

The coins on offer here go from 10 cents apiece up to $10 at most. You have another choice to make too, in terms of how many coins to play on the line. Between one and five coins are doable here.

Marvelous Marlins icons to watch for

First off, there isn’t a wild in this game. No other symbols have special roles either. However, you’ll want to watch out for the marlin. This is the only symbol that can net you any prizes in this game. Other sea creatures pop up as well, but they cannot win prizes for you.

So, how does the 3 x 3 format come into play here when there is only one line to bet on? Truth is, you can still win prizes whenever a marlin appears anywhere in view. The payable, shown on the same screen as the reels, tells you what you will win for each marlin shown. The more you get, the more you win. You can also see how playing up to five coins will alter the payout each time.

Bonus elements

Nope, nothing to see here!

Download Marvelous Marlins and enjoy playing this slot now

Can you think of any other slot game that features a similar format of payouts to this one? No, we can’t either. Those marvelous marlins are the only creatures who can give you some wins here, but you don’t need to find three on the line to win. You don’t need to find any on the line at all.

And yet you get a chance to win prizes in various ways here. There may not be any bonuses here, but this slot does deliver some ‘reel’ good fun!