King Tut's Treasure Slots

The treasures belonging to King Tutankhamun are the ones referred to in this game. This means there could be a lot on the line if you were to win the jackpot in King Tut’s Treasure slot.

While you won’t win gold goblets and trinkets, this slot from Wager Gaming Technology could still be worth trying for size. After all, you never know what lies behind the tomb’s entrance…

How many reels and paylines are used in King Tut’s Treasure?

You get the minimum reels and paylines involved here, with just three reels in play and an individual payline to focus your attentions on.

What could you bet on this slot game?

You must play at least 10 cents per spin here, but you can wager up to three coins of that value on the single line. Additionally, there is a chance to choose from other coins, the biggest of which is $10.

Does King Tut’s Treasure have any special symbols?

There is a wild symbol involved in this game, and it is – of course – the King himself. Unlike other games where there could be some symbols he won’t replace, he does replace everything in this game. He will also add a 2x multiplier that is applied to prizes won with his help.

Is there a bonus feature?

As you may guess from a small slot like this, you don’t get a bonus level to play. If you find three Kings on the payline, though, you should still celebrate, because this is what is required of you if you win the jackpot. The number of coins you win in this and every other instance is dependent on the number you played on the payline when the prize hit – whether it was one, two or three.

Download and play King Tut’s Treasure slots now!

You will find this to be an enjoyable game to play, even though it has but one payline to play on. This is good for those who like affordable games that still pack in a nice theme to enjoy.

While the bonuses here are absent, the presence of a wild makes it simpler to arrange a winning line on more occasions. And since King Tut holds the key to the biggest prize of all, it makes sense to watch for him more than any other symbol you may come across. What could you find in the tomb today?