Malt Shop Memories Slots

Malt Shop Memories Slots
Malt Shop Memories is a great title and it holds some clues to the theme associated with this WGS slot game. Milkshakes are one thing, but malted shakes take things to another tasty level, right?

The Fifties theme is obvious when you think about it, and it certainly is when you check out this slot game for the first time. Kick back, grab a shake, and get ready to spin these reels.

Reels and lines in play

Just three reels are in play in Malt Shop Memories, giving you one line to bet on as well.

Coin selections

This isn’t a penny slot, instead reserving a 10-cent coin as the cheapest one to play with. You can choose to wager one, two, or three coins on the line, with the biggest coin value maxed out at $10 a time.

Malt Shop Memories icons to watch for

You can never rely on the presence of a wild icon in three-reel games, but we do get one here. It’s no surprise to see a malted shake used as this icon. If it helps you form a three-icon winning line, the usual prize you would win will have a 2x multiplier attached to it.

It is also worth finding that drink in every position on the payline. That’s because this is the combination required to win the jackpot. Find this and you will score 500, 1,000, or 2,000 coins for your trouble. The amount granted depends on how many coins you played on the line when the combination appeared.

You might also see a Fifties-style car on the reels. This is attached to the smallest prizes in the game, with only one needed to score a win.

Bonus elements

Did you guess there wouldn’t be any bonuses here? If so, you were correct.

Download Malt Shop Memories and enjoy playing this slot now

This is a nice relaxing game to try out if you get time. The pastel colors work well with the theme, and we think you will enjoy playing this one if you want something easier and more laid back to try. It won’t be ideal for players who love complex slot games, but there are some interesting elements in play here nonetheless.

Will you venture into the malt shop to create some good memories today? Check it out and see if it appeals.