Red White and Win Slots

Red White and Win is both curious and entertaining, yet can we gain any clues from it about the theme in this slot from WGS? Well, if we mention the presence of the American flag, you might guess how they were inspired to think of that title. We’ll discover more about the game as we progress through our review, so read on to discover the details.

Reels and lines in play

Three reels are presented on the screen, providing room for just one payline.

Coin selections

This is not a game for budget players. The only coin you can play with is worth a huge $2.50. Well, huge for some players, we guess. This is far from a penny slot. You can play two or three coins on the line instead of one, ramping up your bet even further.

Red White and Win icons to watch for

There are other American icons appearing in this slot. The Statue of Liberty need only appear once to get you a small prize. The same applies to the eagle. Any mix of three bar icons will also win something for you.

However, the American flag is the secret to winning a big prize here. With the coin value being so high in this game, you might guess it is connected to a progressive jackpot. Indeed, the number of coins played determines how much of that jackpot you could potentially win (if you were lucky enough to find three flags on the payline). A 5% share is yours if you play one coin, while 10% is given to a player who successfully bets two coins. Play three coins, worth $7.50 on the spin, and the entire pot will be yours if you get three flags on the line.

Bonus elements

The main attraction here is the big jackpot. That means there are no bonuses to shoot for. You won’t even see a wild symbol in this game.

Download Red White and Win and enjoy playing this slot now

This is one of those slots only bigger budget players will be happy to try. The big draw is the big jackpot but do remember the odds are long that you will scoop it. Mind you, if you like games of this nature, you can certainly have some fun playing this one for a chance at some wins.