Treasure Trail Slots

That is a huge question, and one we think you will want an answer to. It doesn’t sound like a regular slot game, so does it offer something different or is the title the best you can hope for?

Treasure Trail comes from WGS, a software developer with an excellent record in developing games with all kinds of reel sets in place. So, what will we find in this game?

Reels and lines in play

Three reels are on the screen as the game loads. It is no surprise to find just a single line in action, therefore.

Coin selections

If you like penny slots, you can cross this one off your list. Treasure Trail will only suit players willing to wager at least $1.25 per spin. That is the only coin value on offer here. You can choose to wager up to three of them per spin though.

Treasure Trail icons to watch for

If a red cross inside a gray background should appear on the reels of this game, you have found the wild symbol. Finding one or two on the reels that contribute to a winning line will add a multiplier worth 2x or 4x respectively to the resulting prize. That is the only special icon you can benefit from though. You will see diamonds on the reels occasionally, along with gold bars, so the treasure element is clear to see.

Bonus elements

There is no bonus in store for you on the Treasure Trail. However, the reason for the high bet amount becomes clear when you realize the game includes a progressive jackpot. If you bet one coin and the jackpot is triggered, just 15% of it will come your way. You can get a 25% share of it by wagering two coins on the slot if it hits. The only way to win the lot is by betting three coins – i.e. $3.75 – and to hope the magic combination drops.

Download Treasure Trail and enjoy playing this slot now

There is certainly some treasure to be found on this trail, in the shape of thousands of coins, potentially. Will you be lucky enough to be the latest big winner by playing this game? The odds are stacked against you, of course, but many players love the thrill of trying for that big prize. Are you among them – and will you get lucky?